in the news

Two weeks ago, a journalist from our local newspaper, Alison Taylor, wrote a beautifully raw piece about our family, introducing Owen to his small-town-with-a-big-heart mountain community of Whistler, BC.

We knew the story was going to be published, but we could not have anticipated the reach and outpouring of support that would follow. The article is perfect. Owen’s handsome face made the front page, imagine our joy when we opened up the newspaper box to see this:


His life is helping to raise awareness and break the stigma of silence surrounding loss. This article helped to open up a space for dialogue, allowing people to show support and the comfort to share their own stories. We love our community. It saddens us that we will not get to see Owen grow up and experience everything that makes it so awesome.

Mummy and daddy love you and are so proud of you, Owen.

(read about our little family here)


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