the will to carry on


Take strength from Owen. Every time you make yourself put one foot in front of the other then imagine him holding your hand leading you. He is saying “Come on Mummy, Let’s do this. Show me what’s good in the world.”

Sometimes friends know just what to say to offer comfort to your grieving heart.

I have a handful of them in my figurative pocket. One of those ones on your shirt, providing an extra layer of protection between your heart and the outside world.

These friends are ready to stand guard when all other defences back down. Ready to be your backbone when you cannot find your own, enabling you to stand up to your grief, baring your teeth as it rears its ugly head yet again. Ready to offer a hand when you need help climbing out of the darkest of places.

These friends are ready to lift you up and somehow find the magic words to do so. Their love and care does not fade. They are ready and willing. They are there.

These are good friends. The best kind of people I know.


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