my little voice


I have a little voice. It goes with me everywhere I go. It listens, it learns, it comforts.

It tells me the sun is shining.
It tells me the bees are buzzing.
It tells me the toads are croaking.
It tells me the wind is picking up.

It tells me to stop and appreciate.
It tells me to listen to the birds chirping merrily.
It tells me to feel the bark of the trees.
It tells me to see sunshine in dandelions.
It tells me to feel the river as it rushes past my fingertips.
It tells me to marvel in the beauty of a violet.
It tells me where to find special rocks.

It tells me to pick up litter on the trail that does not belong.
It tells me to make sure my words are meaningful (and suitable for little ears).
It tells me I need to accept shortcomings of others.
It tells me to listen, not to just hear.
It tells me to be a good person.

It tells me it is ok to be sad, to cry.
It tells me to breathe.
It tells me that I am loved and that I matter.

It tells me to get up even though I do not want to.
It tells me it is a long road, but I am not alone.
It tells me that the world is a beautiful place and we need to see it together.

My little voice is wise. Wise beyond his years.


One thought on “my little voice

  1. Gretchen May 8, 2015 / 6:14 am

    Beautiful. Mothers learn so much from their children, alive or dead.


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